Yesterday was all about me and DogStarke as MrS was busy working. Today we enjoyed some nice time together.

Fridays are lunch in town days, we go to the fishmonger, florist and deli., then on to our chosen cafe or restaurant.

This is the view from one of our favourite Friday spots.


Today it was mostly working boats and ferries, sometimes there are yachts. There was one particularly fancy one in the summer that led to all sorts of rumours*.

Not too many photos from today’s meal;  phones were banished in favour of chat.



We were fairly abstemious with salad washed down with water for lunch,  but now MrS is busy cooking up that fish.

And I think it might just be time for a nice glass of wine.



Marina x


*that it was Beyonce’s. It wasn’t.



Flowers from:

Thistle and Rose


Fun Makes Good


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