This is a far from exhaustive post on this lovely island group, just a taster, because that’s all I’ve had. I’ve only visited once, on a day trip from John O’ Groats.

We  chose our day wisely, it was dry and sunny most of the time and we were able to sit outside on the ferry crossings.

We had a bit of a whistle stop tour and limited ourselves to the islands linked by causeways.


There’s so much to see.  Top of my list was The Italian Chapel, created by the by WW2 prisoners of war who also built the Churchill barriers;  this is a very special place. It’s made out of Nissen huts and bits and pieces the prisoners had to hand including old corned beef tins. Out of these everyday objects the prisoners made themselves a truly beautiful place of worship.

We continued to Kirkwall and St Magnus’s Cathedral,  and then on to some of the prehistoric  sites Orkney is renowned for, the stones of Stenness, the Ring of Brodgar and Skara Brae. The houses in the settlement at Skara Brae are  amazing, with their stone chests and box beds.



A lovely day out, but one leaving me wanting to see more.

If you want to visit there’s great information here

Marina x

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Thank you to MrS for suggesting this topic. And coincidentally it’s the subject of a post in my RMarinaeader too.

We only discovered Netflix earlier this year, (thanks MasterS) but quickly picked up the habit of binge watching. It was a treat in the evenings back in the summer and we galloped though our favourite, “House of Cards”. Now we’re waiting impatiently for the new season, in 2017???? Will it all come tumbling down on Francis and Claire?


There are films I’d never have caught at the cinema or on DVD. Like “Somm”.  It was a MasterS recommendation, I was a bit sceptical at first,  but  the story of four young men striving to become Master Sommeliers was fascinating, really engaging and full of drama.


But with loads of classic movies, and TV series I missed out on on the BBC like “The Detectorists” I’ll have to ration my viewing or I’ll never get to the end of the alphabet, let alone the month.

Marina x

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