..being someone else

on stage!  I’ve always loved being on acting;  as long as someone else has written the lines (and I can remember them) I’m happy. Reading Shakespeare in class, reciting poetry at concerts, being a weasel, a munchkin, a hag. Perfecting my miming skills to ensure a place at the front of the chorus (I can’t sing).  A week when I left behind student politics and ditzed about in our college farce.  Oh and my seven year old disappointment when I   developed tonsillitis and missed my big chance as the lead in the Christmas play.

I can still remember my entrance .

After that  play at uni. I did  nothing for years. I often imagined myself up on stage when I visited the theatre but didn’t venture beyond imagining.

Until I moved.

And joined the drama group.

I still can’t sing, but I have so much fun pretending.

Marina x

#Blogtober 2