Las Islas Canarias

Well the ones I’ve been to anyway.

Last Christmas (2016) we flew off to Lanzarote to escape our renovation works at home. There we discovered the delights of mojo, wrinkly potatoes and its unique volcanic landscape.


This year (2017) we spent Christmas and New Year at home, having fun with lots of family and friends.

So after all the festivities we were ready for some sunshine, sightseeing, relaxation  and perhaps the odd night out…….


We were based in Garachico, in the gorgeous Hotel San Roque  


There was plenty of good food and drink



But we managed a few little strolls.

Walk sign

Some traditions are familiar

But presents come with The Kings on January 5th.


It was strange seeing these seasonal favourites growing outside



And it wasn’t all sunshine

But it always came back

lily pond


We saw lots but there’s still more to explore.


And other islands too

graciosa form mirador

Until next time

Marina x


Tote bag in wine glass photo by Cara Morris at  CaraPrintsThings

We ate at :  Ardeola

Tasca del Vino

Canada de Garachico Espacio Gastronomico


all in Garachico, and the

Cofradia de Pescadores

in Puerto de la Cruz. We also enjoyed meals at our hotel, high up in Teno mountains and indulged in cake and ice cream in La Laguna.














Lanzarote, part II

Around and about Arrecife


We’ve had cold and windy weather in Scotland and today it’s sleety too. So it’s no surprise that I’m looking back over my holiday snaps for a diversion. And is it a coincidence that while January thoughts so often turn to abstinence and diets,  many of my photos are of food?  And drink.

We started off on a high note at Lilium which fronts onto the new marina in Arrecife.


It was fun to have sunshine and warmth (even if a bit windy) at Christmas. We could have morning coffee outside, and on Christmas Day had a lovely long walk along the seafront. We needed it with all that food.


Of course we tried to eat healthily


With varying success………….


And we did manage to squeeze in some culture…..


And one last lunch


Marina x

Places we liked:

Restaurante Lilium

Estrella del Charco

Bar Andalucia

The Altamar restaurant at the Gran Hotel

Casa Amarilla museum

The Contemporary Art museum at Castillo San Jose

Lanzarote, part I

Mostly Manrique

We spent Christmas on Lanzarote, it’s famous for its volcanic landscape, warm windy climate and low white houses their windows picked out in blue or green. This last feature is so strong because of the influence of Lanzarote’s most famous son Cesar Manrique, artist and architect.

He campaigned to preserve the landscape, leading to a ban on high rise buildings* and a national park designation for much of the south of the island. It is a designated  UNESCO biosphere reserve.



It’s impossible to escape Manrique’s influence if you visit any of the main attractions.  The logo and restaurant of the Timanfaya National Park, the Mirador del Rio, the restaurant at the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Jameos del Agua,  are all his designs; and that’s without mentioning the Fundacion Cesar Manrique and his last residence at Haria.

An embrace of the volcanic landscape utilising its unique features, and bringing the outside inside are his hallmarks.


He embraced the landscape, enhanced it and built monuments to it.


Isla Graciosa from the Mirador del Rio


More later


Marina x

Links you may like:

Timanfaya National Park

Museum of ContemporaryArt, Arrecife

Mirador del Rio

Cesar Manrique Foundation

and we stayed here

Gran Hotel Arrecife*

This hotel is one of the few high rise buildings and at 17 floors the tallest in Lanzarote