Challenging myself again

Not anything new, in fact I'm looking back six months and reviving my "every day.." challenge. It's just a pity that "Every day in November" doesn't have quite the same ring to it. I didn't manage to keep up posting in between times. June was a time of hope, infection levels were dropping and lockdown…Read more Challenging myself again


I'm not much of a gardener but love visiting and being in gardens. My mother filled her small terraced garden with blooms and my sister has inherited Mum's green fingers and has a lovely garden, but I'm usually having too much fun to take photos which do it justice. I'm lucky to have two beautiful open gardens right on…Read more Gardens

Travelling, but is staying at home*

*Well apart from our permitted hour of outdoor exercise*.* So with plenty of time on my hands I've been looking back at some photos from our trip to Europe in the Autumn.     I last posted in November. Back then my main worry was the effect Brexit would have on future trips.  And I…Read more Travelling, but is staying at home*