Not anything new, in fact I’m looking back six months and reviving my “every day..” challenge. It’s just a pity that “Every day in November” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

I didn’t manage to keep up posting in between times.

June was a time of hope, infection levels were dropping and lockdown was easing, we could meet up with at least some of our friends again. Outdoors, and at a distance but it was lovely to see them.

The garden set up for socially distanced socialising

July saw the opening up of hospitality, but even better we could now invite people into our homes again. So MasterS and SignorinaG could visit.

Enjoying a meal at our local

August, we went back to work.

Which continued through September. With a little time off for birthdays

Oh, sorry, I forgot. There was a very important birthday in August too.

But by the end of September things started to tighten up again. We booked the trip to Islay but I wasn’t sure we’d be able to make it. And by October our final weekend of work was complicated by the new rules on hospitality. Now the prospect of further lockdown looms.*

October 2019 had been very different, so I revisited it on Twitter.

Photos from our tour October 2019, north Yorkshire (lunch stop), Vimoutiers, Angers, Saumur, Fontevraud-l’Abbaye, Luc de Bearn, Oloron, Donostia/SanSebastian, Burgos, Salamanca, Casa Mateus Vila Real, Guimaraes, Albi, Le Puy en Velay, Beaune, Laon and back home.

So that gave me a taste for doing something every day again. Though choosing a photo is hardly an onerous task, and some days I didn’t even choose I used a collage. So for November it’s a post a day.

Will you join me?

See you tomorrow.


*Wales is currently around halfway through its latest lockdown, and England goes into one on Thursday. Here in Scotland we have a new tier system starting tomorrow, I live in a Tier 2 area which means we still have hospitality and non essential shops open. But things can change

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