baking some more

Well it’s been nearly a week since I completed my #EveryDayinMay challenge. So it’s about time for me to post again.

June started out with sunshine, great for my daily walks and working in the garden.

Well, maybe not always working in the garden….


MrS’s delicious homemade ice cream

But yesterday was a lot cooler, windier and rainier, just the weather for spending time in the kitchen.

I decided to try something new and flushed with my success making the Portuguese roulade thought I’d try this almondy version I found in Olive magazine. It’s more of a cake than the orange custardy pudding, so managing the rolling up would be trickier. But I have made chocolate sponge roulades at Christmas time so decided to give it a go.

That’s icing sugar lining the tin, and in the other picture ground almonds ready to be mixed into the flour, lemon zest and baking powder in the bowl. Eggs and sugar get whisked together.

egg and sugar mix

it doesn’t make for such a good photo.

And then the dry ingredients are gently mixed into the creamy egg/sugar mix, poured carefully into that prepared tin. Then baked for around ten minutes.

I was a bit worried at this point and kept a close eye on the oven. My mix hadn’t been quite enough to fill the tin so I was afraid it wouldn’t need as much baking as advised in the recipe.

After nine and a bit minutes it was ready to turn out and roll up.

all rolled up to cool

which was the part I was most nervous of.

Once it had completely cooled came more trepidation as I unrolled it for filing with raspberry jam and whipped cream, and yes I’d managed to buy the right type of cream.

filled and finished

Well I was mostly successful, only one crack. And those of you who’ve looked at the recipe  might also spot that those aren’t flaked almonds. I didn’t have any and only decided on this recipe after my trip to the shop. But I did have some walnuts which need to be used up, so on they went.

And as they say, and I think I’ve said before.

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating”

and serve

And though I say it myself, it wasn’t half bad

Until next time.

Stay safe,

Marina xx

Baking 4, Focaccia

Making those treats for DogS yesterday was fun, and it reminded me that baking doesn’t have to mean cake. So I had a rummage around in my recipe folder for this recipe from the BBCGoodfood website.


I remembered it was tasty, not too tricky to make, and would be ready in time for supper.



here are the ingredients*

*don’t hate me for having yeast, I had a pre-Covid stash.

It’s not always been the same story for bread flour, but our local shop has a good supply at the moment .

So dry ingredients first, mixing in the salt and yeast separately, before they all get mixed together. Then it’s time to drip in the oil, and add some water, to bring it to the right texture for kneading


Making bread is fun, and kneading the dough is soothing

And it’s a good lesson in patience, proving first for an hour in the bowl, then 45 minutes in the tray.


All puffed up and almost ready to go

second rise


A few finishing touches

and then into the oven it went.

And the finished article?

Baking 3

But with a difference, I’m baking dog biscuits.

MasterS gave us this book for Christmas


it’s full of recipes for dishes you can share with your dog. Now we have a rule that DogS is not fed at the table while we’re eating. Ok, except for occasional* bits of cheese when she looks specially hungry.








But I thought it would be nice for her to have some nice tasty homemade treats. Although I have to balance that with the knowledge that she will happily graze on rabbit poo**

I found a recipe that a) required only ingredients I had to hand and b) included some of her favourite things. No, not rabbit poo, tho’ I’ve access to a plentiful supply of that. Cheese and carrots. And had the added attraction of parsley, for fresh breath. DogS is mostly pescatarian which gives her a certain, piquancy around the mouth area.

Here’s the ingredients and the rolled out dough.


Now the book said to use a bone shaped cutter, but I don’t have one of those.

So I tried free hand

ready to bake

but quickly swapped to the star shaped cutter

And here they are all baked and ready to eat

all baked

that’s the most bonelike one at the front 

But as they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

So I’ll leave you with DogS,

Who I think approves.

Until tomorrow

Marina xx


*quite often

**and on one memorable occasion sheep poo. The outcome was not pretty, and smelled worse.

Baking again

I had planned on not eating cake, chocolates and puddings for the next few months after a massive binge at Easter.


Things have not really gone to plan.

First MrS made ice cream, and then there have been sooooo many bargain chocolates in the shops. Calling out to me to be saved.

So today which started out a little grey and wet seemed to be an ideal time to do some comfort baking.

A few weeks ago I came across a recipe for a Portugese Orange Pudding from Sarah Beattie *. It was delicious and reminded me of some of the things we’d eaten in Guimaraes.  In fact it was so delicious that we ate it all up before I had a chance to take a photo, hence the empty plate above.

I was a bit worried it might have been beginners luck


ingredients all measured out

I’d halved the ingredients, I didn’t want to be too greedy. And so had to estimate the cooking time. Would it work second time around?

All mixed up and ready to go. Hmm, a bit too much air beaten into the eggs?

Out of the oven and ready to roll………it’s a bit bubbly.


But I think I just about got away with it.

And the finished product


seems to be ok

But as they say “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”

That’s going to have to wait a while, it needs to cool down first.

And since the sun has come out


I’ve managed to put the washing out too

I think I’ll go and give  MrS a hand in the garden. That way I won’t feel so guilty eating it later .

Enjoy your Saturday and stay safe.

Until tomorrow


*Check out her page, it’s full of lovely recipes. The one I made was posted around the 16th April.


And I specially like baking cake. Problem is I also like eating cake. So when it’s just me’n’MrS here I try not to bake too often.  I know there’s DogS too but cake isn’t very good for dogs.


“I really fink I should be judge of that”

You see MrS is very good at “saving things for later”. But I’m very greedy,  and hate seeing things go to waste. So if I make a cake which has a short cupboard life I will just eat it all up. In the same vein I’ve bought short shelf life cake from shops because I’ve felt sorry for them.  So I have to ration the baking.

The sponge cake was for Easter,  and as this is another  “holiday” weekend I thought it justified a cake.  Also MrS was giving me puppy eyes.

IMG_0688This recipe from Nigella is pretty much failsafe, and is also flour and dairy free.


would you guess that this one’s a favourite?

So good for restricted diets and the flour shortage. I’m ok for flour but I was missing one crucial ingredient, cocoa powder. So I improvised with chocolate buttons (the cooking kind) melted into water. It turned out it needed more than the 50g of powdered chocolate to get the right consistency so I just kept on melting the buttons into the water until it seemed right. Taste will tell. Some of the buttons may have found their way into my mouth*, I really couldn’t comment.


that’s MrS taking a sneaky taste of the batter 

As a nod to health, I’m going to serve it with some rhubarb


honest, the recipe said cover with sugar

It seems to have worked with the different chocolate



It’s out of the tin now and I’m off to make the finishing touches…..


Here it is

And now, because it’s Friday I’m off to put on my frock and lippy, and pour myself a drink**.


Marina xxx

*of course they did, and they were very good.

**have you been paying attention?