And I specially like baking cake. Problem is I also like eating cake. So when it’s just me’n’MrS here I try not to bake too often.  I know there’s DogS too but cake isn’t very good for dogs.


“I really fink I should be judge of that”

You see MrS is very good at “saving things for later”. But I’m very greedy,  and hate seeing things go to waste. So if I make a cake which has a short cupboard life I will just eat it all up. In the same vein I’ve bought short shelf life cake from shops because I’ve felt sorry for them.  So I have to ration the baking.

The sponge cake was for Easter,  and as this is another  “holiday” weekend I thought it justified a cake.  Also MrS was giving me puppy eyes.

IMG_0688This recipe from Nigella is pretty much failsafe, and is also flour and dairy free.


would you guess that this one’s a favourite?

So good for restricted diets and the flour shortage. I’m ok for flour but I was missing one crucial ingredient, cocoa powder. So I improvised with chocolate buttons (the cooking kind) melted into water. It turned out it needed more than the 50g of powdered chocolate to get the right consistency so I just kept on melting the buttons into the water until it seemed right. Taste will tell. Some of the buttons may have found their way into my mouth*, I really couldn’t comment.


that’s MrS taking a sneaky taste of the batter 

As a nod to health, I’m going to serve it with some rhubarb


honest, the recipe said cover with sugar

It seems to have worked with the different chocolate



It’s out of the tin now and I’m off to make the finishing touches…..


Here it is

And now, because it’s Friday I’m off to put on my frock and lippy, and pour myself a drink**.


Marina xxx

*of course they did, and they were very good.

**have you been paying attention?

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