Yes, today I am channeling Marie Antoinette, because it was brioche she reputedly said the peasants could eat, not cake as it’s often misquoted. Just a week and a day, oh yes I’m counting, into my “fast” I was craving something nice to eat at “teatime”. MrS bakes bread every day, usually making rolls, one each for breakfast and then another for lunch. So there’s no bread around for a snack in the afternoon. Now I know I shouldn’t really be eating at this time* but on a cold, dark, wet day I really fancied a little treat that wasn’t breaking my rules too much.

And guess what, and I think we could do with a little drum roll here. I had all the ingredients.

I’ve made this recipe before, it’s one I make for guests in the summer, from my trusty,

I’d looked in this book

which has some wonderful recipes, but quite a few of them take a day or more to make. And I couldn’t wait that long.

Now, you might notice seething from those photos. While I had all the required ingredients, I don’t have a brioche tin. But I think my homemade effort at extending the pie dish did quite well? In the past I’ve just used the pie dish, the extended sides makes it easier to judge when it’s risen sufficiently.

Here it is after its second rise,

and in the oven.

I had to keep quite a close eye on it while it was baking. My oven is quite powerful and I had to reduce the temperature and cover the loaf part way through to stop it burning.

It was ready after 16 minutes,

and by my side as I started this post in twenty.

Needless to say it’s all gone now

the piece on my plate that is, I haven’t eaten the whole loaf.

So now I’ve got something to sustain me through a spot of ironing.

Until tomorrow,

Marina xx

*look at all these mealtimes I found in the Nordic Baking Book

But then the author goes on to explain that there would be heavy work done between warm dinner at 17.30-18.30 and the light meal at 21.00-21-30

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