It’s still very wet and windy. I had to be careful not to fix my gaze on the real trees outside while in tree pose this morning* I managed to fit in my walk during a brief lull after lunch, but I had to up my pace to get home before the drizzle turned to a downpour.

So this evening a nice comforting supper dish was called for.

I didn’t go back to my Sunday night book but fancied this recipe from the Sunday paper.

It’s by Nigel Slater who can be relied on for tasty, comforting food. And best of all I was sure we had all the ingredients for the sauce, even if I had to use a different sort of pasta.

Well, I had chestnut mushroom, but not quite enough, so I made up the weight with aubergine. And I didn’t have any Harissa paste but after a quick search concocted a mixture of hot smoked paprika, fennel seed, caraway seeds, rosewater, and tomato puree and hoped for the best*.

my approximation of the ingredients
and here they are bubbling away

But the proof of the pudding and all….

It passed with flying colours on the taste front

After eating I had another look at the recipe, and found out my adjustments came with Nigel’s blessing.

Definitely one to make again

Until tomorrow,

Marina xx

*I was kicking myself, a new deli has opened in town and when I was there last week I’d almost bought some Harissa, but chose Tamarind paste instead.

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