It’s wet and windy today, we have what’s described as a “lingering weather front” which started in the night and is set to last into tomorrow. We’ve had floods and toppled trees, though nothing like the devastation typhoons have brought to the Philippines recently.

Here’s the path from Sunday’s post*.

it’s hard to see but there was running water here, it was deeper elsewhere but I forgot to take a photo

So back home my thoughts turned to food, well to be honest my thoughts are rarely very far from food, and in particular soup.

I’d found this recipe a few days ago**

and fancied making it, we even had fennel growing in the garden. Unfortunately we had fennel which we’d allowed to bolt. So we had lovely flowers which I’ve been using in displays.

So Bathroom decoration 1 – Recipe ingredients 0

Although I did make the avocado/feta mix and we ate that with crackers.

Luckily yesterday was shopping day. So with a newly purchased fennel I was good to go. Well apart from having to substitute white for red onion, using tomato puree diluted with stock from the weekend chicken not tomato juice, and cannellini rather than butter beans.

It’s meant to have toasted tortilla chips to go in it and a feta/avocado mixture to float on top, but we ate our last avocado a few days ago. Luckily there’s still some feta and lime left.

ready to go on top

I’m not sure about the tortilla chips. We have these.

I’m not at all sure they’re the type the recipe calls for

But I think they should the plain kind.

I could make some…I mean I’ve made tortillas, but never tortilla chips. So instead I’ve decided on corncakes, which is great as there’s some leftover sweetcorn in the fridge.

a little more than the recipe called for, I *might*have eaten a spoonful to solve that problem

Now the soup is ready to be reheated for supper, and I’ll cook the corncakes then. So I’ll publish this now and post an update from the table***

Until tomorrow

Marina xx

*Oops! I went back to old posts to find the link and discovered yesterday’s hadn’t been published. So two for the price of one today. I wrote it yesterday, honest.

**It’s from this book, a present from my lovely sister

I think it’s ok to have them on Tuesday too

***if I remember before I scoff the lot

here it is!

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