I am writing these posts daily but I also have to do a certain amount of forward planning. After all there’s not all that much happening at the moment. We are having the occasional day trip, and there was our visit to Edinburgh, but not lots of variety.

Baking posts are quite popular, and I like baking. So I planned on explaining why I didn’t want to make cake*, and try out another new recipe, a Genoese sponge. But that didn’t quite go to plan. I followed the recipe, another one from my trusty Good Housekeeping book.

I was careful whisking up the eggs and sugar over a heated pan. And very gentle folding in the flour and butter, even though I had to stop myself giggling because it reminded me of Schitt’s Creek**

But all the same, it was a failure. Two flat as a pancake sponges, which tasted, ok, but weren’t the soft fluffy cakes I’d been hoping for.

So no blog there.

But there was my fall back option. Linking in science and my daily walk.

A few times every week we walk in a local forestry plantation. There’s a steep climb at the start, and I’m usually trailing behind Mr and DogS.

And then once we’re past a certain point I begin to catch up. Then by the time we reach the summit, I’m ahead.

this is the summit, it’s all downhill from here

Waiting for Mr and DogS to catch up.

MrS had remarked upon this, and I’d launched into an explanation, full of lactic acid and aerobic versus anaerobic exercise. Which made me think I could write a post with science in, and explain how I came to specialise in science at school***. Except the I came to fact check****, I found out I was wrong. And it’s probably that I’m not as fit as I should be. So I won’t be telling you about wicking textiles, the cooling effect of evaporation, and sitting in physics classes wondering why blow drying my hair didn’t turn me into the snow queen*****.

Sometimes DogS lags behind, but that’s because she’s chosen to bring a rock the size of her head along with her.

ok, not quite the size of her head, but at least as big as her muzzle.

We don’t know why she does it, but she spends quite a bit of time choosing just the right one.

So back to my theme, none of my planned posts quite worked out. But I seem to have written something, and perhaps whetted your appetite for when I will explain the things marked ***

Until tomorrow,

Marina xx

*I’m planning on giving up cake, puddings and chocolate as an advent fast. Starting tomorrow.

**Season 2, episode 2 “Family dinner”

***or maybe not

****because facts are important

*****our physics teacher had a more sophisticated hairdryer, with a non heated option.

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