I had an idea for a post, slightly alluded to yesterday, but needed pictures. So we drove to the forestry to walk DogS and get the shots I wanted.

But when we got there not only was the parking are full, one of the cars belonged to a pair of Border Terriers. Well to their people. And while DogS is the loveliest dog in the whole wide world and a great friend to many people, she absolutely hates other Border Terriers. And Schnauzers, Cockerpoos, terriers which are a bit Border Terrier-ish, English bulldogs, other flat faced dogs, surprise dogs*…You get the idea. But specially Border Terriers**.

So we decided on another route.

DogS likes this one because it combines two of her very favourite things, the sea and stones. She’s always a bit disappointed when we don’t head straight to the sea at the start of this walk.

We never head straight to the sea at the start of this walk.***

Part of the walk along a slate dyke has become much rougher since Storm Aiden a few weeks ago. But this is DogS’s favourite bit.

I don’t know if you can see but she’s digging for just the right bit of slate. She also likes chasing after nice smooth slate pebbles that MrS throws for her.

Since the storm there’s been a lot more debris

But this, which we saw in the immediate aftermath has disappeared again.

The beach is a popular spot for swimming, in fact we met one of our friends on her way home from her swim today. I got an invite to join in some time but I’m not sure I’m brave enough.****

So it was a nice walk, with no dog fights. And we got back home before it started to rain.

Until tomorrow (and perhaps the post I’d planned)

Marina xx

*sometimes she’ll “take agin” a type of dog she usually likes

** and there are quite a lot of them locally

***we’re not mean, there’s no path that way.

****I did a bit of sea swimming this summer and had vague plans to continue but don’t know if I’d manage to acclimatise now.

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