It was an early start for us today. We were on the road at (almost) first light, fuelled with a flask of coffee, off for a day trip to Edinburgh. Now we live in a Tier 2 zone and Edinburgh is in Tier 3 but MrS had to visit the dentist. We’d thought about an overnight stay but the hotel we used last time has closed until December because of the restrictions, so a one day round journey it was. But at least the roads were fairly empty.

After dropping MrS at his dentist I headed to Stockbridge where, after a fraught few minutes trying to convince the parking app about the make and colour of my car, I was able to let DogS have a run around Inverleith Park.

Stockbridge is a lovely neighbourhood, full of independent shops, lots of them dog friendly.

Of course there wasn’t the usual bustle but people were out and about, keeping safely distant and with lots of face coverings in evidence, even outside.

do you think anyone sells ones “as worn by Boris”?

There were changes to the street scene

And some sad signs

MrS met us after his appointment, a non aerosol generating emergency treatment. And as he wasn’t numb, we went in search of lunch. This was a bit more difficult than usual because of reduced capacity. So we ended up having a slightly bigger lunch (second time this week!), at Scran & Scallie. After having our temperatures taken, and giving details for Test and Protect we had a lovely corner all to ourselves, and a nice bowl of water for DogS. She by the way had eaten very well already, biscuit treats at a gift shop and chunks of meat from the butcher (another BT owner).

MrS chose a softer option, sausage and mash, just in case. But I had a crunchy vegetable ragout and lovely chewy sourdough bread. And this time I remembered to take photos.

The obligatory empty coffee cup too.

If that isn’t enough we bought cakes at La Barantine, which we had with the remains of our coffee to keep us going on the long road home.

Now we’re back, and it’s time for a Friday night drink and a much smaller supper than normal.

Until tomorrow,

Marina xx

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