We had break in the weather again today. I had my yoga class first thing and MrS wanted to visit the barber, so poor DogS had to wait a little longer than usual for her walk.

But I’m sure she thought the wait was worth it because we headed out to , drum roll time again…….The Beach.

Beaches are her favourite places. When we go to the town beach she starts to quiver with excitement as we slow down to negotiate the speed bumps; at this one she reminds us the right path to take from the car park (the beach path branches off the main one), and stops, looking back over her shoulder to urge us to walk faster if we loiter. We did make one mistake as far as she was concerned, forgetting the balls that fit in the thrower, but she made do with her tennis ball*.

We took a picnic

it’s a cheese and chutney roll, I couldn’t see my phone screen to check it was in focus because of the low sun

and I had a paddle.

You can’t see properly but I’m wearing swimming leggings. It looks as if I’m wearing a cape but I’m holding my jumper out of the water. I wanted to acclimatise myself, I’m a member** of our local wild swimming group, but I haven’t had a swim since September.

DogS got some picnic sharesies

But seemed to want more

But when her hard stare didn’t produce the required result, she went off in search of the perfect stone.

“this one’s too big, and that one’s too small, I want one that’s just right”

But we can’t resist her for long and set off again for the far end of the beach.

Where we met another dog walker and her two Jack Russell terriers. I’m pleased to say DogS behaved impeccably, because often she isn’t too keen on other terriers***. I was glad because they were nice little dogs, and we had a (distanced) chat with their person.

We took the road route back to the car, and Dog S behaved almost impeccably when another Border terrier came past (with their person), I think she was a bit distracted by the ball thrower and didn’t notice until the other dog was almost past. Almost.

But the afternoon ended on a high because it didn’t rain, and the pet store had her favourite biscuits in stock. Which was a relief because she ate the last of the packet yesterday and she positively scampers to bed in order to get one****. And she deployed her very best “good girl” sitting at the store and got two treats at the checkout.

Until tomorrow,

Marina xx

*it’s best to have two balls as she’s never too keen on relinquishing the one she has in her mouth. If we’ve only got the one, MrS has to feint a dummy throw, then she drops the ball and hares off after the “new” one. He throws the real ball when she comes back puzzled by the vanishing ball.

**a member in name only so far, but I am keen to join in. I’m just a bit worried I’ve left it a bit late in the year to start now.

***Quite a euphemism. I’m sure I’ve mentioned how she hates other Border terriers. Some of her “friends” on Twitter have a terrible for it: “going rage monkey”

****I’m a bit worried they are dog drugs.

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