I suppose it’s the sign of a good lunch because once again I’ve no photos of the food. We arrived first today so I was able to take a real time view through the window. (Below and the featured image)

And I took some of our drinks

these are mine and MrS’s,
and our friend enjoyed this.

There were laughs when one of our friends misunderstood the reason for us being able to order alcohol*. She though it was age related. Now our combined ages are around 260 and there were four of us, so I’m sure you can work out that we passed the legal age for drinking quite some time ago**.

We were meeting to discuss a play we’d been rehearsing back in March. Our debut performance due the week theatres*** closed. Now tentative plans are being made for next year so we were trying to find ways to update the script and the staging.

This photo was used for our Facebook group, little did we know.

But back to lunch, it was a lovely happy couple of hours and a reminder of when we could visit each others houses. And it made a small contribution to a local business. Although as the landlord said, with no visitors they would need every local person to eat there every day to make up the shortfall****.

On both our recent lunch dates we’ve been the last party to leave. And today we would have continued chatting outside but a change in the weather put a stop to that. We could have channelled our teenage selves and decamped to the bus shelter but instead headed back to our cars like the responsible (and mature) adults we are; the beer drinker wasn’t driving.

And now with rain lashing outside again I’m lucky to be cosy at home.

Until tomorrow. Stay safe,

Marina xx

*we were eating a main meal so alcohol could be served

**in her defence she thought it was a “pensioners’ special”, three of our party being over 60.

***it’s an amateur drama festival

****Don’t misunderstand me, I support the restrictions and hope they are observed, because long term control of infection is what will really save these businesses. But they are working hard for very little reward.

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