I had high hopes for today’s post. It would be a kind of follow up to what I wrote yesterday, but this time I’d be meeting human friends for lunch in a restaurant*. It would be great, I could take photos of the food, and the view. And tell you what a lovely time I had.

Best laid plans?

Well the last bit came true, which was a relief because we’d had to cancel a supper with these friends’ house in September, when indoor meetings were banned. I’d become quite anxious about this arrangement too, convinced we’d go back into lockdown and have to cancel again. That’s why we arranged it for today, scared to wait until the weekend just in case…..

But we’ve stayed in Tier 2 and there’s no new lockdown for the moment so lunch went ahead. It was lovely, I had Thai style fishcakes, salad, and fries, a glass of Picpoul**, and an espresso in case you were wondering, and caught up on lots of chat.

So where’s the problem?

There’s a clue above. I had to describe my meal, we were so busy chatting that I forgot to take any photos.

Well, until it was time to pay and leave.

But that goes to show how good it is to catch up with friends. And I’m so grateful that we are able to do this.

Until tomorrow, stay safe.

Marina xx

*Under Scottish Tier2 restrictions we can meet with one other household in a restaurant, as long as we are a group of 6 or fewer

**MrS was driving

Oh and this is what the view might have looked like, if I’d taken pictures. And it had been sunny.

this photo was taken June 2018.

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