We’re not allowed to meet our friends indoors*, but that didn’t matter today. Because the old friend lives mostly outdoors. In a large barn conversion featuring a fashionable indoor/outdoor living space

She’d had a new delivery of comfy bedding today!

As you can see, she’s a cat. A barn cat. Not quite Holly’s** “no name slob” belonging to no one. She*** has a name and belongs**** to the barn and my human friend.

That friend used to look after the sheep who graze nearby, until age forced her to give up. But she continued to visit daily with cat food up to the end of last year. Various events have stopped that curtailed that this year*****, not least the pandemic. So I like to make trips to Puss’s barn and take photos for my friend.

But relaying news of puss to my friend is slightly more difficult. While the weather was kinder I could be fairly confident of seeing her.

Now there are fewer days when sitting outside on a hard chair have much appeal, even for hardy Highlanders. So next time we pass we’ll go into the garden and knock on her window. And our friend will come and sit in her shed for a few minutes so we can have a chat.

Keep finding ways to keep in touch

Stay safe

Marina xx

*From “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, the quote is from the film because I couldn’t find my copy of the book to check

**We can meet them in cafes/restaurants

***I think “she” is female. While she quite likes me scratching her ears and stroking her head I don’t think she’ d take too kindly to more involved examination.

****In as much as cats belong to anyone, I think she jus turned up at the barn and my friend started feeding her.

*****When she became unable to visit, neighbours who do her shopping also took over cat feeding duties.

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