I’m actually struggling to write a post today. It should be easy because it’s Remembrance Sunday and I’ve already written about Hallowe’en and Guy Fawkes. But I don’t have anything personal to bring to the commemorations. One of my uncles and a great uncle served in the Second World war, and I have a few photos of them in uniform. But they never talked about it. Not to me anyway.

It doesn’t seem appropriate to write a funny post, or feature some baking or crafting. So I’ll just leave you with these pictures I took on the 8th November 2018, I don’t have any taken on the 8th November last or other years.

They were taken in Archivist’s Garden at Register House in Edinburgh. I’d visited a really interesting exhibition “For you the war is over” documenting the experiences of Scottish POWs in the First World War. There’s also one photo from the exhibition itself.

Until tomorrow

Marina xx

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