Today is wild and windy. Outside there are waves whipping up the sea. They might not be as big as the ones in the featured image, but that photo was taken on the more exposed west coast. If we have waves here then it’s a really stormy day.

And today is Armistice Day, in the UK*, commemorating the signing of the Armistice between the Allied nations and Germany, in Compiegne, France in 1918.

For my daily walk I took a trip to our war memorial, which was dressed with a single poppy wreath. There would normally be more but Sunday’s Remembrance Day ceremony was reduced due to to Covid.

The wreath is fixed on against the weather not vandalism.

Some of the men commemorated here are buried in the cemetery, some in military cemeteries in France, and others in unknown graves or at sea. Their stories have been researched and a snapshot them is posted on this board at the gate.

Two of them have particular resonance, two young men who died at home of pneumonia. Now they might well have suffered huge insults to their lungs and health the trenches or on the battlefields. But the year of their deaths was 1919, the middle of the deadly flu pandemic. So they may have been two among the millions of people, many of them young, who died during that pandemic.

Today is wild and windy.

Outside the waves have subsided a little.

Inside the stove is lit and it’s warm and dry.

Marina xx

*It’s also Remembrance Day in Canada, and Veterans’ Day in the USA

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