It’s Friday once more. Still a special night. We’re back from our shopping trip and it’s already dark*.

The fish is waiting in the fridge, this week it’s MrS cooking and we’ll have Haddock and chips. Soon he’ll start the preparations, laying out the flour, egg and breadcrumbs to make a crispy coating when the fish are fried later. It’s nearly time to open the wine.

My job?** I’ll be setting the table. I always do. I love to set a scene. It’s not quite the festive season but I’ve looked out some of the lights, and we’ll have candles, a tablecloth, and napkins. My weekend ritual.

Those were some of my Autumn and Hallowe’en themed settings.

Before Covid, fancy table dressing in restaurants had become a bit passé, fashionable restaurants sported plain tables and paper napkins. Critics would sneer at the pretentious trappings of “fine dining”***. And now Covid has stripped away unnecessary items, where restaurants are open at all.

At home, safe from the wipe clean world outside, it’s a treat to dress the table. I’m not alone Joanna Blythman wrote about it beautifully in our Saturday paper

With few if any events to enjoy it’s good to make our own.

Today has been grey, so the table is bright.

Have a good Friday.

Until tomorrow,

Marina xx

*it’s dark at around 4.30 pm, but at least we get some light.

**this week, I often cook too.

***I hate the term “fine dining” and dislike places whose pretensions are not met by their food, but I much prefer a softly lit room with tablecloths.

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