Contemplating weighty matters on my daily walk

Joking! It was more a free form meander. My walk on the other hand followed a path I've taken before. I started off by wondering how my sister was, she slipped on ice yesterday and fractured her wrist. And that started me picturing the road where she'd slipped. And thinking, when was I there last?…Read more Contemplating weighty matters on my daily walk

Observing traditions

Today is the Feast of All Souls. Friday you may have celebrated Hallowe'en, perhaps decorating your house or yard with pumpkins or spooky items. In Scotland children mark the festival by "guising" dressing up and going from house to house, ideally performing some kind of "turn" in return for treats, usually sweets or chocolate. That…Read more Observing traditions


I'm not much of a gardener but love visiting and being in gardens. My mother filled her small terraced garden with blooms and my sister has inherited Mum's green fingers and has a lovely garden, but I'm usually having too much fun to take photos which do it justice. I'm lucky to have two beautiful open gardens right on…Read more Gardens