I’ve been having fun with her all my life.


that’s me with the ears (and bonnet)

It might have been less fun for her. After all I just appeared one day, a surprise when she got home from school. No careful preparation for new siblings back then. And I certainly didn’t bring her a gift. I was more likely to trash her toys. Not deliberately,  I was just a little *enthusiastic* Although she did once get her own back with a certain Sindy hairdressing incident.

We live hundreds of miles apart and both hate the telephone but manage to stay close.

Usually  we manage to meet up a few times a year. And pick up where we left off.

Whether  it’s Christmas

a birthday.

Or just to have fun.

Which often involves eating,

and drinking.


Mmmm, I think this might have been mine

She’s a cat lover

and Mum to one.

Then there are  the men in her life.


She’a a scientist, crafter, gardener….

And who else could supply one of these?


it starred in our panto this year

Doing my yoga this morning I found this on my mat


It’s a few years old now and came with this


I’m not sure how it got there, I haven’t used that bag since Christmas.

I hope it’s not too long before I use it again.

And can send one of these, to say we’re not far away.


Until tomorrow

Marina xx

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