Joking! It was more a free form meander. My walk on the other hand followed a path I’ve taken before.

I started off by wondering how my sister was, she slipped on ice yesterday and fractured her wrist. And that started me picturing the road where she’d slipped. And thinking, when was I there last? Was it really Christmas 2019?

Yes, it was the last time I was there, though we were lucky to meet in Edinburgh in September, just before restrictions ramped up again.* Perhaps that meeting was playing tricks on my perception of time? I don’t know.

But then my thoughts turned to panto. I told you this was a meander.

This should be the week of our local panto. It seems to be part of another age.

Being together on stage with a big group of people, singing, dancing, and laughing, and being watched by an even bigger crowd**. It’s alien. A lifetime ago.

So, time was it stretchy? I thought about articles I’ve read. Describing how time is strangely flexible at the moment. Days passing slowly, months quickly. A year gone in a blink of endless days.

And that’s when my thought turned to the weighty things. Was it “Schrödinger’s time? Long and short, fast and slow at the same time? Like the cat alive and dead at the same time? I really had no idea.

So my thoughts turned to literature*** Was it “Double Think” like in George Orwell’s 1984?

The top text describes Orwell’s invention, the lower is a quote from F Scott Fitzgerald****

At least I’ve read 1984, and could understand the concept of “doublethink”, even without a “first rate intelligence”. The closest I’ve got to Schrödinger’s equations was when my sister wrote it out on my pencil case. I was delighted, even though, as now, I had no idea what it meant*****

And so I’m back where I started, thinking about my sister. Not a meander but a circular route like my walk.

Get well soon big sis. xxx

And I’ve just put on the radio and caught “the Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry” discussing time perception!

Until next time

Marina xx

*We’re on day 314 of my reckoning and 31st of our current lockdown if you’re interested.

**That brown paper bag isn’t for means of anonymity, I wore it for one of my scenes. As a cunning disguise.

***I’m on even dodgier ground there, I only studied it English Lit. up to ‘O’ level

****another coincidence, because I’ve just finished re-reading “The Great Gatsby”

*****we both studied Physics to ‘A’level, but her curriculum must have been more rigorous

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