On my walk today I was planning what to write. I’d been thinking about “rainbows” as a theme.

Then I turned my head and saw this

Actually that’s a zoomed up view. What I really saw was this

I was a bit worried that I’d written a rainbow post before, but I was remembering this one, which does feature some. That was written back in May when our windows were full of rainbows. They’re still there, but like the real ones have faded a bit.

I’ve got some new rainbows to light up my windows for Winter.

And last week one bridged the Atlantic near my house.

We live in a wet area so they are a fairly common occurrence.

They are a sign of hope, the flag of Pride, the signature print of designer Paul Smith,

and the proof of sunshine after rain.

And what is it the song says about seeing after the rain?

There may not be a pot of gold, but I’ve never lost my joy in seeing rainbows.

Until tomorrow,

Marina xx

*I was going to call this post “Synchronicity”, with sounded good but didn’t mean exactly what I though it did. My seeing a rainbow today was just a happy coincidence, there was no great meaning attached. As I said we live in a rainy area, we see them a lot. And my enjoyment of their beauty is in no way spoiled by knowing the science behind their appearance.

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