In ordinary years I would be very busy right now. I’d have lines to learn, and rehearsals to go to. We’re usually right in the swing of preparations for our annual pantomime. Oh yes we are.


It isn’t a Christmas show, there’s always too much happening in December. Our panto brightens up the end of January. But not in 2021. Earlier in the year I thought it was pessimistic to assume it wouldn’t happen this year, but as time went on I realised there was no way we could get together and rehearse.

But then one of my friends came up with a brilliant plan to have a walk through Festive show, in a local garden** Household groups will be able to prebook a slot and enjoy a tiny bit of fairyland.***

So today I busied myself searching through the costume boxes looking for appropriate outfits. Hopefully they’ll fit, because we won’t be able to deploy our team of seamstresses to do fittings and make alterations.

And even more hopefully, the weather will be kind to us, perhaps we’re getting all the rain this month. Fingers crossed. And yes the rain is back today.

Here are some of the costumes.

Now where did I leave my tail and whiskers?

Until tomorrow,

Marina xx

*I touched on this during my last self challenge

**a garden that’s open to visitors

***we’re not encouraging crowds, it’ll be one “family” group at a time

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