Not just something I like, one of my favourite things. Even better when MrS comes too, but today he was busy.

So off we set for culture,  lunch and walkies. As it turned out we didn’t do things quite in that order.  I had a few work thing sort before we could leave and it’s only fair to do a let Dogstarke stretch her legs before getting in the car,so we had local walkies first.  Then I was just a tad peckish so lunch topped culture.

We drove north to my “K” place heading for the Holly Tree hotel. Dogstarke got her usual warm welcome and a bowl of water before settling down for a sleep.


I was more hungry than sleepy so tucked into this.



After lunch we took a turn along the cycle path/walkway before heading for my cultural fix.

The Glencoe Folk museum* is a group of thatched cottages on the main street of Glencoe village. Jacobite memorabilia, slate mining artefacts and a fascinating cabinet of curiosities are just a few of the exhibits. I even found out how shinty balls are made.**

I’d planned a longer circular drive but my fuel gauge was blinking at me and it was a bit too wet for even DogStarke to enjoy another walk,  so we headed towards home,  stopping  for a quick cup of tea and a browse in the shop at The View overlooking Castle Stalker.

The beautiful, bright weather we’ve been enjoying have disappeared for now, but the view and autumnal colours are still gorgeous.

Until tomorrow.

Marina x

Featured places:

The Holly Tree Hotel

Glencoe Folk Museum

The View, Castle Stalker ***

* museum closes for the season on 31st October. Dogs are not allowed inside

**cork derived from a fungus which I’m annoyed I didn’t note the name of, string/wool, leather. Shinty is a popular team  game in the Highlands.

***cafe and shop are dog friendly





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