When I was a little girl I loved watching weddings. We lived just along the street from the church so had a good view of any that took place. It was the custom to stand and watch the bridal party arrive, sometimes there would be a “scramble” for pennies. I wasn’t too bothered about these; I wanted to be the bridesmaid. These days there’s lots of talk about brides and how it’s the dream of so many little girls. To be honest I either didn’t look that far ahead or wasn’t particularly bothered. It was the bridesmaid I identified with. They wore full, shiny frocks. We  had one in the house, yellow satin with a matching hairband from when my big sister had been a bridesmaid. I don’t think it ever fitted me, not after the time I become aware of it anyway. My sister had only been five when she wore it;  she was a dainty child, I’ve always been…sturdy.

The problem was we didn’t have any relatives of the right age. My sister had been bridesmaid for our youngest cousin on our Dad’s side (and she was a good 20+ years older than us) and on our Mum’s side we were all fairly close in age, so no one was old enough to get married.

And so I waited..

At last, happy days, our eldest cousin’s son got engaged and I was asked to be bridesmaid.  But still no shiny frock, I wore a floral cotton.

Jump forward eight years and I’m a bridesmaid again. This time for my sister. And this time I’m delighted to be wearing a cotton frock, blue/white stripes, Laura Ashley, see a snippet above. I still have it but there’s no chance of fitting into it now. It has some 80s features, full skirt, puffy sleeves but I think it would still look pretty on a bridesmaid. The Glamourpuss (sister) with her impeccable  taste eschewed all vestiges of 80s meringue and wore a gorgeous Edwardian inspired, lacy David Fielden dress which would look equally timeless today.

For my own wedding two years later I wore a deep cream Venetian lace and silk dress. I still have that dress too, but not the husband.

Eleven years ago we became Mr&MrsStarke, and I wore a black, silk MaxMara dress which has had several subsequent outings. Finally, my lovely shiny frock, with its swooshy full skirt.

And lovely MrS too.

I’ve realised I was meant to be writing about weddings and it’s turned out to be all about the frocks. But I like the parties too.

I’ve been to some lovely ones. A village hall in November, decorated with berries and autumn foliage;  the electricity failed and we danced by candlelight. The party where the bride played along with the band, the time in  the Philippines when we danced under the stars.


Why am I thinking about weddings today?

Recently MasterS was Best Man for his friend*



Last weekend MrS and I celebrated our eleventh anniversary


One of those couples mentioned welcomed their beautiful baby this week.

And tonight we have another couple to toast.**

So now it’s time to go and get ready.

Marina x



*I didn’t take this photo myself

**I stood outside to watch the bride arrive today.

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