To be honest this post was meant to be “doing nothing” and I have a half formed post in my head, but I’m afraid it’s late and MrS needs to get up for a very early train tomorrow so it’s not fair for me to stay up late writing, and I’d need time to develop my thoughts.

So dogs. Well one dog in particular but having her has definitely turned me into a doggy person. I stop strangers in the street and ask if I can pet their dogs; and if they happen to have a sausage (dachshund) I ask for a photo too. All in the name of research you know, to pass on to my sister who loves dachshunds and is hoping to have one of her own soon.

Dogs are great at lifting your mood. I can’t help but feel happy watching DogStarke running, just to be running.   And I know it’s wrong to anthropomorphise but I’m sure that whatever enjoyment is for dogs,  it happens when she runs.  She comes with us when we visit an elderly relative in her care home and has to do a round of the lounge as most people want a “clap of the wee dug”*

It’s hard to be too lazy when you have a dog, even on the wettest of days they need walks and are usually game for a walk if ever you feel the need to get out. Well DogStarke is anyway.

And you know what? They blog too, well DogStarke does, though she hasn’t in a little while, things to sniff dogs to meet etc…

So as bed time calls I’ll leave you with some photos


Tomorrow I’m off to the city  (not Edinburgh which would have fitted in nicely) and will have new stories to tell.

Marina x


*stroke/pet the little dog



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