I’m really quite fond of cake. Partial to a slice of Victoria sandwich, tempted by tarte, greedy over fruitcake. I can gaze quite happily for minutes  on end at beautiful patisserie displays. In fact I have often done that in Paris, as my visits  there all too often coincide with Lent, and I always give up cake for Lent.

I’m thinking about cake just now, because as well as #Blogtober, I’ve decide to shun cake for the month, and maybe longer,  perhaps up until Christmas. So instead of eating it I’ve been trawling through my photos for some particularly nice  confections.

Like this ice cream cake which MasterS thought best inhaled



These delicious specimens made by MrS in his baking phase



Or this from our first anniversary



And this, from Edinburgh  not Paris but still forbidden fruit


Not forgetting actual  fruit cake





But most of all I’m thinking about the small, perfect pistachio eclair from a non Lenten visit to Paris. No photo, just savoured and remembered.

Sweet dreams.

Marina x


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