It’s one of my favourite things and maybe the thing I miss most since our move to the country. That or being able to walk everywhere which I suppose is related, there are plenty of nice places to go out and eat quite close by,  but not many that don’t involve a car journey, and there’s one I’d really like to go to that’s best reached by boat.

Tonight we’ll be staying in Glasgow, which apparently has been “snubbed” once again by the Michelin inspectors.  I’ve eaten in starred restaurants in Edinburghand Leith, and Paris and have had  a great time, though the experience in each is very different.  But I think there are lots of great places which don’t get stars or bibs, where you’ll have a good meal ad a great time,  in fact we’ve booked to visit one this evening.


We’re going to The Finnieston, which, unsurprisingly, is found in the Finnieston area of Glasgow. Once famous for shipbuilding, then as a depressed area it’s now buzzy and full of bars and restaurants. We’ve also enjoyed its sister restaurant Porter&Rye which specialises in meat dishes, whereas The Finnieston concentrates on fish. I’m particularly missing fish as  with our reduced kitchen circumstances we’re avoiding our regular Friday night fish; no extractor fan means that fish delicious on Friday would be lingering less pleasantly on Saturday, Sunday, Monday……  I’d like to visit some  of the other  eateries nearby specially Ox and Finch and Horn, please but they’ll have to wait until Dogstarke visits MasterS in Edinburgh, as unlike the former two, they aren’t  dog friendly**.

Even though it’s a “school night” I think I’ll treat myself to a cocktail,   that’s part of the appeal of eating out, having something which just isn’t the same at home even if you have all the same ingredients.  I enjoy cooking and entertaining but it will be great to sit down with some tasty food and drink and enjoy chatting with MrS without worrying about any of the things which can intrude at home*. And I’m sure DogStarke will receive her usual warm welcome and some dog treats. Who knows, I might even share my fish?

So I’m off to pack my heels  and here’s some photos of past meals, though I’m too greedy to let many of them stay around long enough for their close ups.



Marina x

*I  suppose I could have called this “date night” but “d” was yesterday.

** Dog friendly places in the “bib gourmand” section The Scran and Scallie and The Dogs in Edinburgh. The Kilberry Inn, Argyll, has a dog friendly bedroom if you’d like to stay but dogs aren’t allowed in the restaurant.



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