I’m new to this. I started not long after I moved here permanently. A new class was starting up and I decided to  give it a try.

I went to a couple of classes years ago but didn’t really like it, the class was too big, I couldn’t remember the poses and it seemed as if everyone else had been going forever.

My class here  is totally different. It’s not tiny but it’s small enough that our teacher can watch and adjust our poses (if we are happy with that). And most of all it’s not just exercising my body, it’s stretching my mind too.

I know I’ve become calmer.

I’m late writing this post tonight, I’ve been out at another activity. I came away slightly buzzing and also a little unhappy, disappointed; and then along came an email, probably well intentioned,  which just compounded things and made me angry too.

I couldn’t focus on this post.

Then I started to breathe. And to notice my breathing. And work with my breathing. And I calmed down. Became a little more balanced.

Balance. Not just the standing on one leg sort, though we do that too, but balancing movements and breath, and self.

Learning  to let my breath take me where I can go and accept that,  instead of forcing my lax joints.

Hearing the midnight bells chime and realising I’ve missed my  deadline.

But somewhere it’s still


Marina x


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