Ok, quite a big subject, and I’ve certainly not seen all of it. But what I’ve seen, I’ve liked.

It wasn’t always the case , on my first visit (also the first time me, MrS and MasterS travelled abroad together) I was slightly horrified by the aridity. I’d never seen a semi desert landscape before. Peering out of the plane window I couldn’t quite believe the brown fields, then the stony hills at the side of the motorway as we drove to our hotel.

Over the course of that first visit I began to appreciate, then love that landscape.

Of course a huge country like Spain has more than one type of climate and landscape. The north, which I’ve yet to visit is much wetter and so very green. I’ve seen it from the plane. Green fields and forests and then the Sierra splitting the land and everything south being brown. That’s because my trip was in Autumn though. If I’d made the same journey in Spring I’d have seen snow topped mountains, and greenery stretching South.

I’d love to visit in Spring, when the the orange trees are in bloom.

Because it’s a big country there’s all sorts of things to do. Walking, riding, museums and galleries. Fiestas and ferias, delicious food, wine and sherry; swimming and sunning on the beach.

Or just being.

Which is pretty good by me.

Hasta mañana

Marina x


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P.S. Sorry for lack of photos today, I’m having major problems uploading any

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