The scent setting the scene. Who will I be today? Musky, floral, fresh? I’ve usually  got a few different bottles on the go. Favourites like Jicky are aways there but their companions come and go, depending on the season or my mood.


Scent is precious memory, spraying a card with Eau du Soir I have  my mother with me again.

Can I really remember the smell of Aqua Manda in its glorious, chunky brown bottle? It was everything grown up when I was 10.

Chanel No5 and Tweed by the pennyful from  the dispensers in the Ladies at The Louis in Cardiff.


Believing one small squoosh from my sister’s bottle would transform me into the Charlie girl.

Repaying her for all those squooshes with a massive bottle of Duty Free No.5 brought back from my first trip abroad. Then panicking that I was too young to have an allowance and getting a teacher to carry it for me.


I must have had  a lull in the 80s, the power scents passed me by, I sometimes wore L’Air du Temps but dressing up wasn’t the thing in my circle. My boyfriend was more of a dandy than me, I sometimes borrowed his Eau Sauvage.

Into the 1990s I wore Dune, born the same  year as MasterS, then strong vanilla-y  Angel before discovering the older scents I  still love. Mitsouko, Arpege, L’Heure Bleu, Vol de Nuit, Joy, Jicky.  If you look on the perfume sites many of these share the same notes, warm spicy, woody, hints of powder,  some citrus throw backs to Aqua Manda.


Scent, almost the last thing, on that special night out. Dabbed or sprayed just before  jewellery. Put on at home, for pleasure’s sake.

Glamour in a bottle.

What’s your favourite?

Marina x





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