This is related to liking Fridays, so if they are maybe my favourite day then Sundays are my least. Not Monday? No, because on Sunday, you can have the dread, the feeling of weekendoverness and then it’s just another hard week to come.

I don’t get the dreads these days, well not for Mondays or the start of the working week. And I don’t have a pile of homework to finish, and only the top 40 and a new number one to look forward to. But I can still remember when I did and so  a good sunny Sunday is welcome.

Today was gorgeous, in fact  we’ve had a run of lovely weather, just look a these photos from yesterday evening.

So today, even though we didn’t need to escape the sound of drills and diggers we had a little jaunt. We drove north, across the Ballachulish bridge and took the long scenic way around Loch Leven, which is a highly recommended drive, it is truly spectacular.  We didn’t stop at Kinlochleven today, but I’d like to visit again soon, before the sun disappears until Spring, but drove on down to Glencoe village. The  museum was closed, but it was a day for outdoor activities anyway,  so after a quick snack outside the Glencoe cafe we set off to explore. We aren’t serious hill walkers, DogS only has little legs after all,  (actually she’s not the only one) so we took the path to Glencoe lochan.



There are three possible walks, we did a combination go them all, steepish uphill sections, gentle paths past lilyponds and tracks through woods.

Plenty to look at and loads of great sniffs for DogS. After completing the  circuit we took a short detour to the Glencoe massacre monument .


All in all, a lovely  way to spend a sunny Sunday.

Marina x





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