Autumn, the time for new beginnings. New school terms, ok here in Scotland that happened last month but bear with me. A new title for my blog, nothing huge, but more what I’m doing right now, Edinburgh’s the furthest I’ve travelled since December 2019. And I’m really not a positive enough person to always write about things I like.

‘She likes me a lot’ (this is very true)

It’s been a quarter of a century since I waved MasterS off to school for the first time, and now I’ve done the same for my pretend children*. I’ve sent them out into the world. I don’t know who, if anyone they’ll get to meet** but it was time to let them go. Hopefully I’m not the only person who likes them.

But then I missed them, and there was more of their story to tell. So that’s my task for the next few months, years, who knows how long?

“As long as she’s still got time for walkies’

My work season is over so I’ve got no excuse.

Until next time

Marina xxx

*some of them are older than me

**beyond members of my family

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