One hundred and seventy two days ago I completed my first piece of ‘writing homework’.

Ninety nine days have passed since my last post.

In this time I’ve watched 4 Finnish and 1 Norwegian crime dramas.

I had forty six days during Lent when I didn’t eat cake, chocolate, or biscuits. There have been far fewer since.

There is a discrepancy of fifty four, between what the internet* and my diary count**, claim as the number of days since 17th March 2020.

So, maybe don’t trust me on numbers.

Four cygnets were born to our local swan family.

I’ve had 2 vaccine doses.****

And I’ve written

76, 393 words of a story.

Now I need to read it all, and start on the rewrite.

Until next time (by this reckoning around the start of October)

Marina xx



***when significant restrictions on social contact started, prior to lockdown.

****AZ if you’re interested.

2 thoughts on “Think of a number

  1. Congrats on reaching the end of your draft! The editing part is definitely daunting for me, but I’m on this journey with you. Our manuscripts are around the same length as well. Wishing you all the best for this phase of the process!


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