Many people complain but we have an excellent postal service. Sometimes I would even describe it as magical, items arriving at their destination in what seems to be impossible speed.

Throughout lockdown the post was a source of joy and anticipation, I kept things in “quarantine” for a day before I opened them. Now impatience gets the better of me, and I rationalise that the contents haven’t been touched for days, so open parcels carefully, slide out their contents and wash my hands thoroughly.

Sometimes the parcels are expected, things I’ve ordered online. But the best are the surprises, usually from the same source.

There have been masks

Panto props

Toys for DogS



And chocolates. Ah, no photos, they get eaten too quickly.

They always come with beautiful cards.

And today was no exception

This one came with a book, some perfect escapism for the times

May the post bring you joy.

Marina xx

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