Actually, who am I trying to kid? It’s MrS who does more than the lion’s share of the gardening. He cuts the grass, what we have can’t be described as a lawn, trims the hedge, and plants out the things I buy at garden centres.

these are my greatest achievement in the garden, I did actually plant them.

I see my role more as the planner, although I quite like using the strimmer and have developed a technique of weed control I like to call “hand strimming”. I’m best at the tasks that either require no physical input (planning) or very little finesse.

these wallflowers (purple/pink) disguise a large heap of rubble I covered with membrane. I think the euphorbia (yellow) put itself there

That “hand strimming” for example, involves tearing out bits of long grass around areas I’ve planted bulbs, or wildflowers. But I tend to think that giving a serious sounding name to some random action gives it credibility. So hand strimming it is. And please don’t imagine I take away all the long grass, lots of it stays as cover and food. I only take out enough to let the flowers breathe. So that kind of brute task yes, but I’m no good at dainty picking out of seedlings, nor even the simple task of depotting plants before they go into the ground.

Anyway, back to my theme, and to explain the *. Because it wasn’t a human who did the gardening I discovered today.

It’s an oak tree!**

So maybe in line with the saying a mighty oak might grow from this, though not in my lifetime. But the mystery is, who or more likely what planted it?

Now the obvious answer would be a squirrel, except we don’t have any. This is a red squirrel area and I’ve never seen any in the garden. And there aren’t any oak trees in the immediate surroundings either. A mystery indeed. But I’m not complaining, it makes a change for garden visitors to be planting things not eating them.

Yes, it’s you lot I’m talking about. You look all cute and fluffy, but you are VERY NIBBLY.

While I was wandering around the garden I found more self planted things.

We always have lots of amazing looking fungi but there seems to be more than ever this year. One of my neighbours forages and collects the most wonderful looking chanterelles; I don’t think I’ll be eating any of these though. And specially not that bright red one.

Instead I’m now off to make supper from shop bought items. See you tomorrow.

Marina xx

“Run little ones, before it’s too late…..”

**well, they look like oak leaves, we’ll wait and see. MrS has put a protective cage around it. Ha! Eat that bunnykins!***

***It probably will, that or Bambi and their friends

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