Well mostly. I’m very keen on encouraging the butterflies and bees

We  let the grass and other “scruffy”  grow in parts of the garden. In fact I felt guilty the soother day for clearing away too many brambles and nettles after reading that bees love them. And  I leave bits of Ragwort as it’s the food for these


Long  grass is good for the birds too. Goldfinches are small enough to perch on it and feed off its  seeds.

And we don’t want to hurt other creatures which like the cool of the long grass


Then there are the birds which come to the feeders, or pick up from underneath.


And the ones which are still feeding their young, even though the chicks are now adult sized. At the moment it’s been mostly sparrows and chaffinches, but we have blue tits, coal tits, great tits, green and goldfinches, thrushes and blackbirds.

And of course robins aren’t only for Christmas

Some birds are a bit less welcome

The pheasants aren’t content to pick up the spillage, they’re also partial to potato leaves and flowers. Or at least they’ll peck a flowers to find out whether they’re partial to them. And either they or the crows have worked out how to open the peanut feeder and tip out its contents. (Their beaks are too big to access the nuts otherwise) My money’s on the crows, pheasants don’t seem that bright. Often they seem to forget they can fly,   just scuttling around in a fluster when they’re disturbed. Crows are pretty smart I think. And I quite like them even though they’re generally held to be unwanted predators.

I haven’t seen any yet this year,  but I’m hoping for a repeat of this


But they have their own predators, there’s a heronry close by.

And then there are the very  destructive visitors



Cute they may be but they are voracious, tenacious and athletic. We once had a rabbit nest  inside our raised bed. And I’ve spotted a deer sitting quite happily inside a friends fenced veg. patch, while their dogs barked at it from the house. And of course deer bring their own wildlife.

But really I like seeing them all, even if I get annoyed when my flowers get trampled or nibbled.

There ‘s only one creature I’d happily see the back of.

The relentless, voracious Highland Midge.

Of which I am a favourite feast.

Have a good weekend.

Until tomorrow

Marina xx

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