Yes, I know I wrote that today would be armchair travel, but I’m short on the right inspiration.  Instead my head is full of questions for a potential quiz.


I like quizzes, mostly as a participant, but I have been known to make up my own. I like to have a theme. My best ever was “Wales or Cheese?” In which all the answers were either something Welsh or cheese. Why?  Well my family are Welsh,  and MrS likes cheese. There were even questions about Welsh cheese.


“I like cheese too

Other editions of the MrsS quiz include “1959 and all that” for a certain person’s birthday, and “Christmas”


that’s me with my quizmaster’s hat on

Online quizzing has brightened up lockdown evenings, and no we don’t cheat.  Because what would be the point ? I’ve discovered that I’m best at food and drink questions, who’d have thought? And very bad at 1980s songs picture quizzes.

So today I’m going to love you and leave you so that I can add to the questions I’ve got in my head. And write them all down while they stay there.



The crossword pictures are from my Guardian digital edition. I like to do the quick* crossword every day. But this one, well… Have  look and see if you can work out what happened.

So not before little Annie’s song


*not so good at the cryptic ones.

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