Why the “2” Well I’ve posted on this subject before. Twice if you count the one about walking with DogS. But it’s something I do a lot of,  and can do at the moment.


“Obviously the one wiv me in was better”

Yesterday’s story was inspired by and thought up on one of my daily walks.


Though the people just live in my head.

I look forward to our hour of exercise every day. The routes we can take may be limited but we make slight variations and  notice the changes in our surroundings.

These are from a circuit around the forest plantation

Sometimes we go along the seashore,

and once walked right across the sea


Standing mid Atlantic

I meet  the new arrivals.

And have a socially distanced yell with old ones.

Watch the flowers bloom









and fall









I’m pleased that outdoor exercise was never banned, and that we can now go out more than once a day.

But for now apart from walks and shopping,  I’ll be staying safe at home.

Perhaps a little armchair travel tomorrow?

Until then

Marina xx



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