It’s over a month since my last post, so much for good intentions. I’d planned on a post per week, obviously that hasn’t happened, but have stuck to my to some other resolutions.

It’s Lent again so I’ve waved goodbye to cake, biscuits, and chocolates, three weeks down, three to go. I haven’t been as conscientious at practising yoga everyday, even though it helped me through an injury – I developed a sitting down injury. Yes that’s right, I injured myself sitting down for too long on a hard chair. I wasn’t exactly sitting, more like perching on the edge. I’m not very tall and many chairs are too high for me so I end up perching. I self diagnosed that I’d caused ischial tuberosity bursitis, thankfully ice packs, pain-killers, and gentle exercise has relieved it. But that’s more than enough information on that subject.

“I quite agree, and not enough about meeeeeeee!”

It’s my other challenge that was partially responsible for my injury. (Sorry, that will be the last mention). I may have neglected this blog but I have been writing every day. I was inspired by a fabulous set of talks by Marian Keyes, a series of masterclasses on novel writing. I started off with the daily exercises and now I’m some way into a story. Who knows if anyone other than MrS will ever read it? But if I don’t write it, no-one will.

So writing is my afternoon activity, mornings are for walking. It’s a good time of year for that, the weather has been changeable to say the least.

But there are signs of Spring

And frozen leaves

Soon we’ll see the first lambs

We’ve had a few storms

But at the moment (and it might be that transient) the sun is shining.

I’ve had my first dose of vaccine, and hopefully brighter days are coming.

For a little while longer, stay home, stay safe.

Until next time,

Marina xx

PS Eeeek! I’ve been sitting on the offending chair. Must stand up, must stand up. (this really is the last time)

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