I’ve written several times about our Argyll weather. It’s usually relatively mild here but it’s often wet. Very wet. And changeable, all these pictures were taken on the same hour long walk.

So it’s not always the best place to plan outdoor events.

Last year we held a Scarecrow Festival, to raise funds for our island hall. And on the day of its grand opening, a Saturday in mid July, it was cold, grey and wet. Luckily there were plenty of umbrellas on hand to shelter our guest of honour on her ribbon cutting duties.

But it really didn’t bode well for the rest of the activities and the grand finale, a Highland Fair which was to take place on the sports field.

But as the week went on, the clouds cleared and on the day of the fair….

It was hot and sunny, so it was a parasol rather than a brolly I needed in my role as a living scarecrow.

And so to this year, there were no scarecrows, no panto rehearsals, no parties, no carol concerts. Everything cancelled. Then a friend had an idea, something to brighten things up, something for the children. A walk through performance. Families would prebook to walk around a series of panto skits telling the story of Cinderella. The “actors” would be from household groups, or very distanced (the wicked stepmother and Buttons). There would be pretty lights, glo-sticks, a fire pit, and toasted marshmallows. All socially distanced, with adult family members wearing masks. And it would be outdoors, in a beautiful garden.

In December, in Argyll.

On the morning of the event it was all hands (and paws) on deck to prepare the garden. The morning was cold and bright, we all kept our fingers crossed, and hoped.

As the sun lowered in the afternoon we returned in our costumes, and took our places ready to welcome our audience.

Then a fine rain began to fall and with it my spirits. We’d decided only a downpour would force a cancellation and everything was set up, but it wouldn’t be as much fun in the rain. A disappointment after such a lovely day.

But the wind changed, and blew the rain away out to sea.

Where it stayed, leaving us with a clear, cold, bright night. The children, their parents, and we performers had a wonderful time. And enjoyed a little touch of magic under the starry skies.

Happy holidays,

Marina xx

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