Yesterday’s sunset, and later starlit sky didn’t deliver their promises. Today has had a grey, damp chillness.

And I’m feeling at a little of a loose end. Yesterday I was very efficient and prepared tonight’s supper* so there’s no real cooking to do

. The vegetables are ready too.

celeriac chips to be air fried later

It’s Advent Sunday, and I’ve already got some festive lights around the house, but the rest will have to wait until December.

MrS has “planted” our outdoor Advent calendar.

It’s a bird feeder that I’m going to hang with baubles, one per day.

But I won’t start to decorate it until Tuesday.

I suppose I could get started on some of Monday’s chores, cleaning the bathroom, attacking the ironing, or organising my admin. But they don’t hold much appeal if I’m honest. Even sitting beside the stove reading my book doesn’t attract me, I haven’t properly “gelled” with the latest one yet.

“she should be more dog, I’m very happy here”

Perhaps I ought to make a start on my costume for our Christmas event, MrS’s is all sorted.

“hmmmm, do you think he knows what terriers do to rodents?”

But the things I need are in the attic and it’s already dark up there…

So it looks like it’ll have to be the ironing after all.

Until tomorrow,

Marina xx

*a mutton stew, always best if the flavour has a chance to develop overnight.

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