And yesterday we managed one.

It had all the best features

Beautiful scenery

A picnic

We had more than just grapes, but these were particularly delicious grapes*

And a happy dog

there are few things DogS likes better than running after balls on a beach

And historic sites

this bridge isn’t a major historic monument but is rather lovely

Our first stop, beach, walk, and picnic was at Cuil bay in Appin. We couldn’t have hoped for better November weather. I even considered having a swim.

We had the beach to ourselves, well part from a silver, grey whippet who said hello while we were having lunch, but it’s a popular spot. The dedication on this bench remembers a couple who loved the beach.

And I’m sure you’ll understand why

the view from the bench

After our walk it was back to the car and a scenic drive. First heading north to Ballachulish then circling the loch (Leven) past its head Kinlochleven, , Then south, keeping to the scenic** route and driving round Loch Creran where we stopped for a walk around Glasdrum*** woods.

The sun was setting as we headed home, just in time for DogS’s tea.

Until tomorrow,

Marina xx

*the grapes were locally grown and a “swap” with a friend. We gave them DogS’s lifejacket for their growing pup. It was a “win-win” for us as DogS hates going in small boats and hasn’t used it for more than two years.

**the main road is scenic too but these two detours especially so. The Loch Leven loop runs pretty much along the water on the north side and switchbacks above on the south. Loch Creran is not well known but well worth a visit.

***the non beach pictures in the first image are Loch Creran from the woods.

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