Carefully mixed and preferably served in a classic Martini glass, a good cocktail is my favourite indulgence.

Although gin is my spirit of choice for a simple mixed drink it’s not an ingredient in my favourite cocktail, the Manhattan. Three parts whisky and one sweet vermouth, mix over ice,  strain and serve with a cocktail cherry. Delicious.  And best mixed by a white shirted bartender in a glamorous bar.  I’ve not enjoyed that for a while and it’s likely to be longer until I do.

Of course I could make one at home, I have all the ingredients

IMG_0635 But it’s just not the same. The environment, the atmosphere, the accoutrements all add up to the experience.

And don’t get me started on these, a sorry disappointment


And despite Fleabag giving credibility to  “gin in a tin” I still prefer to take a miniature and separate can of tonic for my picnic G&T.

There are exceptions to the home made rule, this mixed by Profski was superb*


perfect ambience

I quite like ones served up in coupes too

Best for espresso martinis or salt rimmed Margaritas. Although I think the right hand ones are sweeter vodka based raspberry martinis.

I’ve had pangs of disappointment when an otherwise perfectly tasty drink comes in a sturdily unspillable tumbler.


“S’pose it might be tasteee, not as good as a nice puddle tho”

But quite enjoyed a pudding/cocktail combination like this frozen Margarita


Bacolod City, Phillipines

I’ve never drunk a classic in the bar of its birth, no Bellini’s at Harry’s nor Singapore Slings at the Long bar. I did open the door and peer into the dark panelled bar of the (pre refurb) Coliseum in Kuala Lumpur, but it wasn’t appropriate for me on my own, even if I’d opted for a Gunner rather then a Gimlet.

But actually one of my favourite memories of a cocktail defies my rules.

A Manhattan, served in an enormous globe glass, from room service at the Le Concorde in Quebec City. MrS was at a fancy dinner with colleagues somewhere way below on the Grande Allee. And I settled back with my burger (which was very good),  cocktail,  and a Harry Potter movie**.      Bliss.          Sometimes rules are made to be broken.


the view from my room, apologies for picture quality, I managed to boot up my old iPad but had to take a photo of the photo!




A demain





*I can’t remember what it was, perhaps a testament to  Profski’s mixology skills

**Not sure which one, it was 2007 so might have been Order of the Phoenix, though Goblet of Fire more appropriate.


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