So I’m challenging myself to post, “every day in May” . It’s not an original idea a friend is taking part in 5k every day in May where NHS workers are running or cycling 5k every day in  May as a way to say “Thank you”. Let that one sink in for a moment.

very cute Bramble pic

I like running too

Now I can’t ride a bike (not very well anyway) and my running days are past (dodgy knees) and I’ve never been any good at raising money for charity,  BUT I can take up a challenge. I need to get back in the blogging rut (rut sounds a bit grim but I  couldn’t bring myself to type “groove”) and I have a precedent to follow.  Way back in 2016 I managed to post every day for #Blogtober.

Back then I was living under constraint too, though not like our current situation. There were no blocks on travel or socialising, but home was a lot smaller. We were in the middle of our renovations and using one room for all entertainment, cooking and eating.

there was also a sofa and TV!

And like now,  our  situation was not nearly as challenging as that faced by far too many people as their norm.  We were safe and warm, had food, cooking and entertainment facilities,  and only had to bear our cramped surroundings for a short  time.


I know I’m lucky to be able to walk here

But even with all the good things that I should be thankful for, and happy about, there are times when I’m not. I don’t think this is unusual.  Even though there’s almost unlimited time for projects I’ve found it hard to achieve much.  Again that’s not just me.  On social media friends and the famous describe feelings of inertia.  MrS has  tins of paint he ordered before lockdown standing unopened in the hall, and I  have bagfuls of old photos waiting to be sorted. Mind you I did patch my favourite sweatshirt, though the jury’s out on the success of that particular project.


I’m not convinced the holes weren’t better

So I won’t go on for too long because I’ve got to do this for the next 31? days.

Until tomorrow,

Marina x

PS if you’re wondering about the header photograph, look closely. And if you’re a certain age (like me) think of the “Two Ronnies” Mastermind* sketch.


*Still no?   Specialist subject answering the question asked before – I’m paraphrasing it was a long time ago. xx

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