Particularly Twitter, that’s my profile pic. up there.  I  came to Twitter a long time before Facebook, I liked the way I could connect with a diverse range of people, all over the world. Lately it’s been my go to place for breaking news* though twice recently my heart has sunk when, waking in the early hours,  I’ve checked my newsfeed.

It’s not all bad news though, there are a lot of good hearted people out there and some great tweetalongs. My favourite has to be #thearchers where we meet to discuss the goings on in our favourite rural village. Over the past few months we’ve been glued to our radios following the harrowing story of Helen and her controlling abusive husband. Proof of the good that can come from  social media,  a JustGiving account set up in her name has raised over £170,000 for Refuge.

One of my other favourites is #scotlandhour which takes place on the last Wednesday of every month, promoting different aspects of Scottish tourism.

And just at the weekend I made contact with someone who might be able to put me in touch with distant cousins and fill in some gaps in my family history story.

And never forgetting the lovely GlamourPuss and all her #sausagearmy friends. Even DogStarke has her own account, though she needs a bit of help with the typing.

I use other platforms and there is some crossover, but the little blue birdie was my first and favourite.


Until next time**,


*the real sort

** I have a little trip planned. X

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