Let me set the scene….

Autumn is passing into Winter. Which is lovely, we have crisp, cold mornings, gorgeous sunsets, crunchiness underfoot on our morning walk.

Our renovations are progressing, the old kitchen is gone and the framework for our new extension is progressing well.

Back to that wintry weather…..

The temperature falls below freezing for the first time this year.

This is ok, we have a safety device which cuts off the water supply when this happens, to avoid burst pipes.

This device sits in a cupboard, in the kitchen.  The old kitchen.  Which is no longer there. The cupboard is.  But now it’s now outside the house….


Setting the scene a little bit more. MrS is recuperating from a minor op. Until we can thaw out the frost saver device we have no water in the house. The device also needs new batteries.  Strangely enough the outside tap is working so I busy myself filling buckets and kettles. This cold snap is set to last a few days.


A flurry of packing, some phone calls. Off we go.



It’s dark when we arrive. We settle in have supper and bed down for the night.

Next morning we can see where we are. MrS rests and reads. DogStarke and I explore. Over the next few days MrS gets stronger,  we walk, read, go to the beach. DogS makes friends.



It’s still cold when we get home. But new batteries, a  hot water bottle and some padding restores the water supply.  We can flush, we can shower. MrS feels better every day.

It’s nice to plan.

It’s good to be home.

But sometimes, spur of the moment is just what you need.

Marina x

We stayed at Treshnish Farm

The beach is Calgary bay.

We travelled to Mull with Calmac Ferries


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